As a  FOOT HEALTH PRACTITIONER, infection control is always at the forefront of how I work. I follow NHS and Public Health England's advice on infection control in general, and specifically, now in regards to the Coronavirus and working in the community safely. This means I take great care in ensuring I do all I can to not pick up any viruses within people's homes, and that I do not bring in any virus to your home.


To achieve this, I use gloves at all times whilst doing your feet. I have no need to touch surfaces within your home and so avoid contact with your furniture. I sit 2 metres from you ensuring minimum contact and wear gloves at all times whilst treating your feet. I follow a strict procedure of thorough hand cleansing with medical alcohol, inside each patient's house, as well as on my return to my car. There I clean my hands again, my instrument case, footstool, my containers of cream and sprays, as well as my diary, car keys and car boot. Inside my car, the great care and diligence continues. I clean the inside of my car door, seat belt, the steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake, indicator, wiper arms and radio and ventilation control panels. Before entering the next patient's house, I clean my hands again and spray my work bags with an aerosol antibacterial spray.

Whilst out of work, I continue to follow these best practices. Whether visiting a petrol station or supermarket - I avoid touching surfaces and use medical alcohol to clean my hands, keys and handbag. I am doing all I can to ensure I do not inadvertently pick up any viruses and expose you to it.

I would like to assure all my patients that should I experience any symptoms no matter how small, I will immediately be self-isolating as per Public Health England's advice. I would ask that should you be experiencing any sniffles, coughs or have a temperature, that you let me know before I attend.

Lastly, I would like to let my patients know that as part of your community, I am here to help you in anyway I can. Whether this be by picking up some essential shopping or prescription, or just calling you to check on how you are - I am but a phone call away. Coronavirus will be defeated by our individual communities helping each other out where we can. Please, call me if I can be of any help even if it has nothing to do with feet.