About Feet


     Summer is here!

The warmer days mean the sandals can finally come out of retirement and we can start applying the nail varnish. It's time to spend that little bit of extra time pampering our feet. Bring out the foot-file and it's time to get rid of that hard skin. If you suffer from dry, cracked heels, invest in a good quality foot file. I love the Bio Sana files - they last an age and keep their 'bite' better than most over-the-counter foot files. Personally, I am not a fan of the metal files or the 'egg' type  of file  - they can be overly abrasive and although will remove the hard skin, they can be overused and instead, the skin will thicken as a result. If you would like me to order you a Bio Sana, please contact me. I don't charge any extra than what I pay when I order direct from the supplier. Otherwise, they can be purchased through sites such as Amazon. Use aqueous cream to moisturise you feet - you don't need to spend a fortune of creams. Aqueous cream is none-greasy and will absorb well - you don't want to be sweating out cream and slipping around in your sandals!

So back to foot maintenance. If you love your nail varnish, carry on using it, but remember to remove it regularly and to rub a product with natural anti-bacterial and fungal properties into the nail before reapplying your nail varnish. Tea Tree oil and Vicks Vapour rub are two good examples. Water-based nail varnishes are kinder on the nails than acrylics. 

Even in the summer, some people suffer with cold feet. If you do, remember to treat them to a regular massage. Warming creams are available, or just use a regular moisturising cream and apply and rub from the heel downwards towards the toes. Wear warm socks and make sure you have plenty of wriggle room for your toes. This will allow heat to generate and circulate around your toes. Remember to change your socks and stockings daily and use an anti-fungal spray such as Daktarin if you suffer from Athletes foot causing a bad odour and itchiness.

Remember, if you look after your feet, they will look after you