What they say about me


Jeanne has been doing my feet for over 12 years now. She is always attentive, gentle and will suggest solutions to any problems I am experiencing. Having my feet done by Jeanne is not only a 'must have' but the opportunity to enjoy some pleasant company and something I look forward to very much.   ~  Mrs H, Alford

I am quite isolated and don't see many people. Jeanne is someone I look forward to seeing and really brightens up my day. She's always a joy to talk to and I enjoy spending time with her.  She always makes me a nice cup of tea before she leaves. I am very happy with having Jeanne attending to my feet.  ~ Mrs L, Metheringham

I started using Jeanne Bollard after my mum had recommend her to me. I had previously had my 3rd lot of surgery on my feet & was nervous & extremely anxious about letting anyone anywhere near my feet. But back in '2008' I decided to let Jeanne take a look & assess the situation regarding them! She gave her expertise & advice on what she could do for me & was alarmed at the extent of my problem due to the condition of my feet-Jeanne guided me through on how she would start & continue the work needed to help me, she was so compassionate & caring & made me feel relaxed. My calluses were between 1-2cm in length with up to 5 on each foot! She couldn't believe the pain I must of been in! She gained my confidence & trust on each visit & fully aware of the extreme pain I was in at all times. I have continued every month ever since having home visits & without her help I don't think I would be walking very well if at all. The help & relief she gives my feet is truly amazing & I would be lost without her! Truly one of the most reliable, caring and compassionate foot health practitioner you could ever wish to have & worth every penny..don't put up with pain because I'm so pleased I have such a wonderful foot health professional & so could you..                                     
Thank you Jeanne Bollard! Forever grateful for all your help. ~ P.Skirrow

Jeanne was recommended by a friend and I can say she cannot do enough for you or your feet. The whole experience was very enjoyable even though I needed alot of work doing on my feet. The foot massage was the best part. I look forward to her visits as although Jeanne is very professional, she is also very caring and has put me at my ease. There is good conversation throughout the appointment.

I cannot recommend her enough. ~ Mrs Lawson